Double click on any painting to see it enlarged. * Indicates these paintings are already framed, enjoy.

Holy Familiy's Flight into Egypt
The Carpet Market, * $750, 27"x38" St. Matthew 2:13, * $800, 271/2"x38" Missy, $650, 18"x25"
Angelina in the Garden, $1050, 21-3/4"x33" The Musicians, Nubian Dancers, * $450,   19"x31"
We recreated a temple guard (Levite) of Solomon's temple Phobe temple sits on a small island in lake Nassar
Solomon's Temple Guard, $180.00,18"x13" Philae, $450, 26"x17.5" The Sultan's Palace 
Camels in Sunset, $350, 62"x271/2"* A flock of wild Birds, $475, 15"x34"
  A saturday in Tunisia, This work is very busy with lots of details
   A Saturday in Tunisia, 31-1/2"x43" $900 *

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