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One of the most fascinating periods in the history of the world was the Amarna Period. From this period such house hold names as Nefertiti, Akhenaten, also spelled Ikhnaton, and Tutankhamen were born.  Here we attempt to bring you a piece of this period through paintings that depict the many archeological finds of this time period.

Amenhotep IV aka Ikhnaton, the son on Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, became pharaoh a short time before his father's death. At this time, he was already married to Nefertiti, and had one daughter, Meritaten. Amenhotep believed that his God, Aten, was the only god, thus becoming the only pharaoh in the first, second or third dynasty to openly acknowledge and worship a single God.  Ikhanton moved the capital of Egypt from Memphis to Akhetaten. He changed his name to Akenaten, and lived in his own capital city with his family, worshiping the singular God, and ignoring the priest that worshiped many Gods. The final days of these personages is shrouded in mystery.  After the death of Akhenaten, Smenkhare becomes pharaoh for a short time.  Following Smenkhare was king Tutankhaten or King Tut, who moved the capital back to Memphis. After the early death of Tutankhaten, early 20's, Aye becomes pharaoh, only to be ousted by General Horemheb.

You may double click on any image to see the painting enlarged.
Here we have the an image of King Ikhnaton and an image of his beloved wife Nefertiti. Each painting is done in water color. The canvas of each paintings measure 37"x26" they are not small paintings. It is our intent not to separate these paintings as they truly represent a union between a man and a woman. These paintings are offered at $530.00 for the pair. Our artist is currently making a smaller version of the same paintings.  The smaller version should be available mid April.  To see both paintings together, enlarged double click here

Nefertiti, framed, 22"x 26" $375.00. Meritaten, daughter of Ekhanatoun, framed, 18"x22" $225.00. Mother and daughter combination $550.00. Again, you may double click on anyone to see it in more detail.
Masks of Tutankhamen, (1) Front view, some aspects of this painting are 3 dimensional. The painting appears raised from the canvas, and if you move 60 degrees to the left or right the eyes of the mask appear focused on you, 26"x37" $700.00. (2) Side painting of Tutankhamen's mask 25"x37" $475.

The cat has long been a symbol of good luck, health and prosperity. This painting measures 17"x13.5" and sells for $115.00. Horus is 25"x13" and sell for $110.00.

Seti, watercolor, 17.5"X19"
Goddess Selket, 27"X38" $450 we painted her as to appear Selket is raised off the canvas.  We did not create this or the Mask of Tut to be one dimensional paintings, and they aren't!
Ikhnaton in King's posture. 17" x 25" $300.00
Nefertiti, A framed painting based on the sculpture found at Amenhotep's IV (aka
Ikhanton) capital city of Akhetaten. 22"x18" $100.00
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