"The true beauty of a structure is not measured by the marble or furnishings under its' roof but simply through the light that parades through its' windows"  Eric Hayes

Welcome to the Glass Studio of Nile Arts 

In our studio, we will beautify your structure, be it your home, office, house of worship or stable. Nile Arts is creative enough to bypass the use of "off the shelf" patterns. We can create works of art from your ideas or from our imagination. We are design cognizant, our aim is to ensure that the art work compliments the area it is in, from the colors in the glass to the content of design. When it comes to stain glass, too much glass in an area can possibly over power the mood and feel you want to create and the right amount cannot be matched by any other improvements, big or small. Thus the truth, the real beauty of a structure is measured through the light that parades through its' windows.

Displayed below is a few pieces that were previously done and below those are a few that have been created recently and are available for sale. We ship anywhere in the world and have shipped as far away as 3500 miles, right from Northern California. If you are considering art glass for your home, office or sanctuary contact us. Our commission rate is reasonable. If you are interested in one of the art pieces displayed below or a new commission contact us via the contact us button below, or forward an email to mail@nilearts.com or call 209-471-5852:-)

The actual size of this piece was 4' by 4'
The King of Judah made for a reggae festival
The grapes and cherries are actual jewels

The following glass art is available for sale.

The King of the House of Judah
6) The King, W21"x L21" $250, The King with a crown and holding his scepter with the Star of David. There is a hook in the back so that it can be hung freely



 The Raider, $160, W13"xL16"

 What do you expect from an East-bay business the Chiefs or KC

The Niner, $160,  Having grown up in the "City" I would of course have to create stain glass of the Niners and Raiders.



Keep in mind your favorite sports team can be done as well, be it professional, collegiate, high school or little league


 Peacock with colors, $700, W28"xL34".  The glass you see that forms the trim around the Peacock is clear beveled glass.

 Sun flowers in green trim, $300, W22-1/4 x L22-1/4"

Peacock in brown window frame, $825, W24"xL44" featuring clear beveled glass adoring the brown window.
Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah The Lion of Judah, W21"x L21" $175, Head of Lion in a star with a mane of red, yellow and green streamers.
The Children's Guardian Angel, W21"x H24". A subtle piece of art that carries an enormous message. Our price to you, $250.00 Your Guardian Angel
Cabernet, Rudy and Muscat grapes created in individual grape clusters. Each cluster measures approximately 7-1/2 x 8".  Each cluster individually is $45.00.  All three grapes together is $125. 

Dome of the Rock, W36"x20-1/2"  $400

If you see any piece above that interest you or you are interested in custom work you can email us via the contact button below (right) are phone toll free at 800-484-2701-5559 or via email at mail@nilearts.com

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